If you ask me I think most of the people get inspired through the failure stories of others because a Human being (Ironically) compares himself/herself easily with someone who is failed rather than someone who is successful.


Well because it is so easy to fail. You don’t have to do anything of put any efforts to fail.  But then there are few people who got failed even after putting a lot of effort and they are celebrated across world through their inspiring stories.

One Such Story is a story of Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba.com). So calm, composed and at the same time in true sense the one who carries success maturely on his shoulders.

He applied for the least qualified job of KFC and he was the only one who was rejected out of group of 24. He also failed 3 times in college, He went ahead and applied 10 times for Harvard University in US and rejected each time.

Today he stands strong as world’s 22nd Richest person as per forbes.

You may wish to check out his interview by CBS’s Charlie Rose at Davos.

Go Ahead and keep trying until you can say i tried N times and i got success at N + 1th time. 🙂