Kunal Shah is Founder & Chairman of Freecharge which was acquired by Snapdeal in nearly 0.5Bn USD.

Well, Theory of Creation/Erosion of wealth! Yes you heard it right. Kunal Shah in his recent speech at INK 2016 Came up with one of this theory and as he said it was at early stage but still I loved it, With all respect to him, let’s extend the same concept to discuss in reality contextual situation why does it fit the best in real life and what goes wrong in the real life which stops us to become a millionaire even though now we have now this theory with us very well explained in below video.

Time frame of Kunal Shah: 29:00 to 43:00, Credit: INK Webcast

Dear Kunal,

Thanks for giving a word Delta, Yes it makes absolute sense that anything above Delta 4 is backed by people and get spreaded like anything with high tolerance. (Example – I am ready to pay 1000 bucks to Whatsapp even if charges, that’s my tolerance for whatsapp). Whatsapp, Facebook, Google never did advertisement in their early stage as the word of mouth did the best for them (Though they hardly be getting benefited now doing advertisement on indian television)

As you mentioned with your example of TrueCaller, yes I myself have gone to people and recommended some services like Paytm Wallet, In Shorts, Freecharge Mastercard etc…!


Now as we all know Delta4 works the best should we all start looking for delta 4 Version of Ideas?

Delta 4 needs lot of disruption in technology as well as time & duration to evolve and is iterative process of ideation with long lasting future impact to the world. As far as I know or I have read somewhere Freecharge was 9th Company of Kunal Shah (of course with delta4 Idea).

And Delta 4 without entry to barrier is not a good idea! The bigger the idea there are more chances of it being replicated as rightly mentioned by Kunal in the video. What is the biggest advantage of Whatsapp and Facebook? – The other number of users who are using it except we! You will find tons of mobile application who would have tried to replicate whatsapp but it didn’t work because the tolerance is so high for the same. (2-3 additional feature in whatsapp are not that important for me than the fact the whole world is using whatsapp and i can connect to anyone over it now as the core idea was to connect people)

India is very lucrative at Ideation stage for people. We come up with 1000’s of idea with friends over a cup of chai, may be 1-2 would have definitely been Delta4. And in case of some Indians the way people talk they might assume they have Delta 10 Idea. 😉

And guys Implementation is as Important

As per the education, facilities, survival for daily life in 1.2 Billion people country very less feels the urge to implement that idea by wasting few years of one life and they wait for someone else to implement. We all know we will have our mini flying car by the year 2025, but I don’t have technical knowledge of creating the same, let’s wait till ELON MUSK create it and I am more busy planning for my cousin’s wedding next month as an excuse. LOL

Neither we can expect everyone to come up with exceptional idea to work on as we have billion people and need of million business with employment to layman. But that won’t reduce the speed of innovation and growth now as the same reason we have Billion people working on things.!

That’s why the diamond shines and valued more than anything. With all high hopes of people across the world we will have more such ideas which will be Irresistible, UBP > USP and High Tolerance.

Any ideas or comments are welcome!