Dear Arnab Goswami, I have been following Newshour debate since early days and I am fan your views, your undoubtable patriotism, honesty, guts and what not! With all due respect to you I still believe there is something wrong with the way you showcase few news these days!

I am not someone who is well verse with words, knowledge, wisdom so in short I am a common man who watches your channel late night! I believe journalism comes with a moral duty of encouraging positive change across the world and at the same time showing the harsh truth about the world whenever it needs.

I am a Proud Indian who takes pride on each olympic medal won by INDIA be it bronze, silver or gold, who takes pride when India wins against any cricket team not just Pakistan, who takes pride when ISRO launches satellites, when a Movie theatre plays India’s National Anthem, to be precise any INDIAN positivity activity gives me sense of pride. Sometimes it even gives goosebumps that I can’t tell you how Proud I feel.!

But the controversy against Pakistani Artist wasn’t much needed or should not have got so much attention. I do condemn URI attack, I do felt proud about Indian army of given them right reply, I acknowledge Mr. Prime Minister’s right approach of Surgical Strike but why do you want a Pakistani Artist to condemn it publicly or why do you want a statement from them who have come legally in India to work? As you are patriotic don’t you think they would be patriotic for their country? In the age of Internet it is very easy to morph a statement even if they say something here in India against terrorism and showcased their grief of the activity, it will be showcased in pakistan as a statement against their own country where they have to fly back because INDIAN parties are already threatening them to go back regardless of their statement. Check out the recent example of Adnan Sami who clearly tweeted for Terrorist!

Let’s accept for a minute for a moral value they should condemn it, then why not artist from other countries like USA, UK etc? why only from pakistan, because at this moment a viewpoint of someone else won’t matter! Even though they would have condemn it what benefit INDIA would have got? A pride that we forced a pakistani to condemn against their own country? Aren’t we already are enough proud with our Army to kill those terrorist?

Why are we spreading so much of hatred against one country for day and night? Do we really want war? Oops now you might feel I am scared of war. I have enough faith in INDIAN Army per se. But I still believe in Humanity. Oops now I am against those who were killed in URI attack. Not really I felt the same pain as you or any Indian would have felt. But I don’t want anyone else to get killed unless needed.

Mr. Modi has been praised for the bold step because he waited till the last step of friendship efforts which didn’t eventually work out well and he has to take this step may be against his own will, that’s why the world stands for India today. Our Government & Army will take any bold step whenever it will be needed but don’t fuel the anger in people until it’s a war.

You just told your viewers that Salman khan is supporting Pakistani ARTIST, No Salman Khan is supporting an ARTIST, when a politician claimed you as a paid media another media person Rajat Sharma came on his show and told their viewers about your honesty, did he supported you because you are indian? no because you are from the same industry and innocent as well. What damage does any pakistani artist has done to INDIA except spreading love through movies and taken some money because of their own talent? I took pride when Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan, Anil Kapoor acted in Hollywood shows and movies and I am eagerly waiting for Deepika Padukone’s next Hollywood Movie because I am a fan of art & Love.

Having said that I am not supporting any Activity like URI, the terrorist needs to be punished in their own style and I fully support surgical strike by India for terrorist. But unless it is a war I won’t be wishing a death of any Innocent life!

These are all my personal views with no intention to hurt anyone’s feeling!